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Anime Ongaku Shoujo OST

Synopsis Ongaku Shoujo (TV)
There are eleven girls that consist the C-class Ongaku Shoujo idol unit under Pine Records. Despite generating red sales marks and not being very popular, Producer Ikebashi and the members are trying their very best to up their levels. Nevertheless, Ikebashi suggests recruiting a new member for Ongaku Shoujo; someone who can act as a catalyst for the success of the group. Thus, an audition was opened, leading to the soon-to-be legendary group's meeting to a girl named Hanako.

(Source: MAL News)

Information Ongaku Shoujo (TV)
Alternative Titles: 音楽少女
Aired: Jul 6, 2018
Premiered: Summer 2018
Producers: None found
Studios: Studio Deen
Genres: Music, Slice of Life

Download Ongaku Shoujo (TV) OST
Opening theme: "Eien Shounen (永遠少年)" by Yui Ogura
* TV Size: DBREE | Google Drive | Solidfiles | UPLOAD.EE
* Full version: DBREE | Google Drive | Solidfiles

Ending theme: Not yet confirmed
* TV Size: Not yet available
* Full version: Not yet available

Insert song: "terzetto rhapsody" by H☆E☆S
* TV Size: Not yet available
* Full version: DBREE | Google Drive | Solidfiles | KumpulBagi

Information Songs
File format: Mp3, 320Kbps, Stereo (48kHz)
Type: Full version and tv size

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